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letter, McIlvaine, Wharton


Feb. 14

My dear Bishop,

Your letters to the President & myself arrived yesterday, (Monday). They greatly encouraged & cheered us. What [urged] [most] is that you should yourself have [felt] so keenly & so long. With [us] the crisis was but short, & then the way plain.

Bp. B. will be here, [SO], on Friday or Sat. [for] [then] hope to hear from you & him as to a minister. Mr. [?] has no idea of any movement as to himself, & I greatly fear is complicating himself so as to [acclude] his [acceptance]. [As] [?] been called (besides Bp. [?] Va. appointment) to Pa., at Bloomsburg, and [Baltimore], to assist Mr. [Schenck]. He [?] as his duty, however, to submit to Bp. [Meedis] appointment, & go to Amherst, to error his [?] there. But [?] with [?] did Bp. allude would [yield] him to Gambier, if [an] arch in time. One other [?] I forgot to mention in view of ulterior matters. Mr. G. has for 3 years been assistant [?] of the [Recudu]. Some of its most popular articles have come from him, I mean those most [copied] into other papers. As is practically [acquainted] with the work. Now I would not advise him, or any other clergyman in health, to [take] an editorship. But I think that is an amusing his talents & [?] in this way might be turned to [account]. I should add that a large proportion, nearly ½, of the [?] articles in the Episc. Quarterly were from his pen.

I feel some anxiety about Mr. [Linch] coming to Gambier. I have heard him preach & talked with him, & I have an impression that he is deficient in generous culture, & in that [?] & [handsome] so [assented] to the due influencing of [?] men. But you may command my affection & entire support to anyone whom you may send here.

Lent] is new approaching, & we are very anxious that it should not pass without benefit to no all. What cause would be best?

I wish very much Charley was with you, for he could tell you much more about Mr. G’s character & talents. Germanly speaking, it was Mr. G’s influence, I trust, that was the most [peaceful] [Evacl] agent in bringing Charity out.

[Your] good [?],


I should like very much to hear your news with regard to the new missionary society proposed in N.Y. The [Recudu] has heretofore supported the Miss. Soc. for the [West] - Will a new society be an improvement?

I entirely [?] as to Mr. Newton being excluded by his wife. I learn, also, from private [address] that Gallagher would not do.

Letter to Charles Petit McIlvaine



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