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Fragment of letter written to McIlvaine's son. Not a part of 62-02-13 but evidently written the same day.




letter, McIlvaine, son


Recorder of [London]. [There] we are staying two days, a grand [?] the grandest & part of new London. I have but a few moments for your sister & I are going directly in his carriage to Key Gardens. I send by this [?] a Record containing a notice of my sermon on Sunday, & I have put onto the paper a copy of the [Hy?] [?] that were distributed to the congregations. I want you to give the Record when you have read it to Bp. Bedell, & also the [Hy?]. Perhaps it would interest the reader of the W. Ep. if the letter & all the arrangements there were published in it. By next [sharp] I shall expect to send a copy of the sermon, which was reported & is being printed by the [?] of a certain paper.

I have not time to write more, except to say that there will be a disturbance of our affairs by frequent interference, under present circumstances. God bless you my precious son. My love to the Gambier people. You may let Bp. B. see this & then send it to your Mother. Your dearest father.

[The following is crossed out.]

give you rest in [?] period to the principle “[?] of one.” “Take my yoke upon you & beam at me.”


Fragment of Letter to McIlvaine's Son



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