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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Bp: McIlvaine.

Cinc. July 23, 1862

My dear Bishop,

I am in receipt of two letters from you, both dated the 17th. They came yesterday. I hope something will come of the Goodman matter. I have some letters about Dr. Lathrop which may be considered in case Goodman fails. Cox has not accepted, but I suppose will. I think we might have done worse at St. Paul’s. In consequence of Grover’s resignation, I [?] Fairchild for the $200 which had been appropriated to him, supposing it unemployed. I learn from your letter that out of the $1000 after his & Maltby’s resignation, there remains only $175 disposable. I wish you had given me the amount now given to each Swan, [Corlett], & French. French has 200. How is the 800 minus 175 [?] 125, distributed? Did Maltby serve till June 1st? I supposed he ceased long before. I fear my letter to the [?] about Fairchild will make some obscurity there. I do not think Hudson can do much more than it does, as “can” is usually understood, nor do I believe they can be induced to do more. After Fairchild left them, some years ago, they stayed vacant, except as Mr. [Holden] gave them part of his time & they did nothing but go down till Fairchild returned. I am sorry to hear about [Burte]. He has a call to [J Clemon’s] or [Mohogen] be for [Ganter]. I am sure we could do nothing with him here in Cinc. It is precisely the opposite we need here, + as for Kelley’s Island, alas, he would be most unsuitable. Unless he gives up his beer drinking becomes of settled habits, he will be of little use. My heart sickens at the thought of how many young men prove useless + have fear of [?] earnest. devoted zeal with elevated much come forward to the ministry.

As to Lloyd, I have the same mind with you. You say “let him go.” I’m sure I am willing, but what can I do? He is Rector + has reserved his engagement for the next year, that is I suppose, beginning last Easter. It is a most delicate thing to go among a Minister’s people & advise them to get rid of him except when he does positively wrong. There is but one person in his congregation with whom I would venture to express my idea about him & that is Mr. Buchanan, but he would do nothing. They called Bishop to Dayton + he declined. They now want a truly Evangelical man & ask me to advise whom, + I do not know whom to name. You must think. You must find out what [Eccleston] is + how far he would suit Christ Ch. or who else there is. They would call [G?] if I urged it, but I do not think it is worth while to make such a vacancy to fill another.

I am getting very desponding about our state, in church & country. I suppose my disbelief is part of it. The time of my departure seems near at hand, & earth has nothing to make me unwilling to leave it, except certain dear [men].

Yours very affectionately,

Chase P. McIlvaine

Do you know McCarty’s address? I have declined Boyle’s application for Candidateship. Fortunately the testimonial of the Committee made out last [June] a year, was never given me till recently. I have answered Turner that after your examinations in the presence & with the aid of his Professors, I cannot receive him to order on the ground of any examination of my own, when you & they are not present. His written answers I am not satisfied with independently of other considerations I have written him that if he desires another examination when you & the Professors returns, he shall have it, & I will be present.

You mention [Rick] as one of whom you had thought for St. Pauls. Who is he? Would he go to Dayton? They have not acted at St. Johns, nor at Christ Ch. I have urged [?] on both. Carden of Philadelphia is fishing for an intention to visit Christ Ch. & so writes Judge [Storer] & [singularly] sends a [?] through endorsement by Dr. Newton. [Storer] declined inviting him. He is very [undesirable]. There is nobody but myself to supply St. Johns & Christ Ch. I have preached twice in the latter & once in the other. Last Sunday, there was no service in Christ Ch. because I preached in St. Johns. Next Sund. I preach in Christ Ch. & I suppose there will be no service in St. Johns & only once in Christ Ch. The first time, I had to read as [?] preach in Christ Ch. The second time I had Gray to read, by sending Charles to read at the [Atonement]. He (Charles) is now away. Last Sund. I had [Maltby] to read, & he reads in his throat so that he cannot be heard, & his reading fatigues me nearly as much as if I read myself. But I cannot engage to preach after next Sunday. The heat has brought me quite down. I am almost prostrate, without energy to have almost, & preaching [?] on Sunday almost destroys me. What will become of our Churches in Cinc.?

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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