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Mention of the consecration of Tuttle; possibility of American bishops being invited to attend a council of bishops at Lambeth in September; son Charles being considered for St. Paul's, Cleveland.




letter, McIlvaine, bishop, Tuttle, church, son


Bp McIlvaine

March 30, 67

Cinc. March 30, /67

My dear Bishop,

I enclose a copy of the letter I have just written to Bp. [?] in answer to his [?] for the consecration of Tuttle. Please return it, as I have not time to make another.

Have you heard anything of an invitation from the Archbp of Cant. to our Bp. to attend a Council of Bp. at [?] in Sept. [?]? Letter from England, speaking of it & expecting me to go on the strength of it, have come to me, & someone has told me that there has been something in some of the papers about it, but I have seen nothing.

There is a prospect (I cannot say how strong) that Charles will be called to St. Paul’s Cleveland, [?] by Mr. [?], who goes to St. James Chicago - formerly [Clarksons] - a good change there. St. Paul’s is a good parish of plenty of ability & the Church well provided. Butler will be written to about [him]. Perhaps you will be [?]. He would be quite up to the work, & they will not get anywhere else one as much [so]. There is a parish in Ohio, that I would more like him to have. Do not let him know anything about it, so that he may not be disappointed in case it comes to nothing. Mr [?] & the Sen. Warden have spoken with me about it. Whether they will ask him to come & see them & be seen & heard before College I do not know. I set myself against such things in Ohio as a poor way of knowing a Minister, & as needless when he has been long enough with work to be known, so that [?] persons who know him may be [?] of. Should they ask that of him, I do not know what I would advise his [?] through that hereafter.

Perhaps some way may occur by which you may provide the matter, through others, but only in answer to [?] of them. It makes an unfavorable impression when persons whose advice is not sought offer it. It looks too much as if the Minister in question even [?] & applicant for the place which I do [?] Charles to be.

With kindest remembrances to Mr. Lee & [?] & all, I [?].

Yours very affectionately,

Charles P. McIlvaine

I suppose my daughters will be with you next week. The above may be communicated to them.

Letter to Unknown Bishop



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