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KC: Lorin Andrews' health, new Rector, Mr. Chipman, McPenger?, Nicholson


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letter, McIlvaine, Kenyon College


[?] Nov. 2. 1855

Rev. + dear Sir -

Yours of Oct. 29 came yesterday. I enclose the texts. I am very much concerned about Pres. Andrew’s health. May the Lord [?] so great a treat as his being long ?. I cannot say that there is a prospect of a Rector. I am hoping, + am waiting an answer from Mr. [Chipman] of [Austria?]. The more I hear of the number of students + especially of those who are communicants the more I am weighed down with the difficulty of getting a Rector. Much may be done by the clergy there, if they will [?] in promoting a spiritual state of things. They should not wait for a Rector. They should not think whether they are under any [?], other than that of clergymen + to do all they can. I think it must seem very strange to the people + students that there can [?] clergymen at Gambier, + no meeting during the week for [pr?] in which they partake + which they [sustain].

I am sure if they would come together about it, it could be profitably [done]. And can [?] you, as the oldest in the meeting, set something going. There ought the [?] rest at Gambier, among the clergy that there is a lecture or prayer meeting, besides that which the students [sustain], + me [?] which the clergy will [?] attend, + [in] which they will partake. I feel as if I hardly derived any more students [? ?] is done for the religious state of the [people] [attempt at an &] students. I know that three of the clergy [???] with the [?] or College, but my remarks have rep[?] to clergymen as such, connected or not.

I lay blame on no body -- but do earnestly bring [??] of more religious effort there.

Mr. [Meperger] probably supposes he is a candidate for [?] This [?] were [made] out best [??] before he graduated. But I remembered that [?] he had a degree they would be of no use without an examination + therefore witheheld them. They are [?] lost. Ple[a]se [?] him + have [?] get new [?] + send them to Mr. [?]. I will take his [?] from [??]

Yours affty,

C. P. Mc--

Side note on front page:

I do not know why Mr. [?] declare? in the [? ?] I fear thaey have too little [?] The arrangement with Mr. [?] seems the best under the circumstances.

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