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Regarding Stone faculty controversy




letter, McIlvaine, Stone


I want you to be careful not to lose Bp. of [?] Ch. but bring it to me at the Trustee Meeting. The Bishop after President.

Cincinnati March 12/68

My dear Bishop,

As regards matter for Pres. More to read, I select on the Rule of Fault, Goode, Chap. XI Eighth Edition, p. 337 to 349. If the Eighth Edition be not at Gambier but the [?], I cannot [?] you by the page. The Chapter will guide & the part selected begins with “Lib in proceed to the second & third points & end, with a long quotation from a [?] writer Abraham [?] head. It is just [?] in that part of the Chapter which precedes the citations of Church of England domain beginning in Mt. Jewel.

On the Real Presence

Goode in the Enchantment.

Chap VI.

Evidence from the Common Pr. I

[?] II

[?] III

[?] IV

[?] [?] of the doctrine of the Church of England, by Dr. [?] Dean of Christ Ch. (1687), approved by Goode.

Goode on Enchant

Chap. II p. 3b English Ed.

It can easily be proved on the [?] Ed. if such has been published.

If the sections above give as too much to read, the Summary by Aldrich will be sufficient.

If Goode in Enchant is not [accessible] than take the Bp. of [?] [?] which I send handwritten from page 39 to p. 51.

I was mistaken in saying that Goode takes up [?] in the [?]. It is [?] [?] Real [Presence] he attacks. I am not he to refer Mr. D. to any work [?] the error as to the [Incanation].

The use of this reading will be to put [here] [?] population of the true Evangelical doctrine of our Ch. & enable him to [measure] & define his own views, or as to avoid [?] to himself for want of [?] knowledge of [?] [Lewis], & the uses of [?].

I shall need his sermon, as will as Lecture as [?] and can get them.

Pray the Lord to guard & defend & comfort & support. Rest [?]. What is now to be sought is More Faith; to have light in darkness, & a stay when all things seem to be failing, & ability to cast all down before the will of God, & be [?] under the which of His adversaries if need be, with the readiness of mind.

Yours very affectionately,

Chase P. McIlvaine.

P.S. I have written [?] that the [?] will be Thursday [?] & that night. He had better have the Convocation on Wednesday. I shall get that on Tuesday P. M. Who is at Lancaster, I cannot remember. Can you [?] [?] 26 Ap & [Lidell] says [?].

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