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letter, McIlvaine, Du Bois, daughter


London Jan 5, 1862

My dearest darling,

This is my second letter to you which I hope you will think pretty well, considering how much I have to write & say & do & go as well as preach & moreover that I suppose our letters home are sent to you & that your sisters have written you. I don’t get anything from you or Washington & I do so want to hear all about you. They tell us about nothing about you, in our Cincinnati letter, because they suppose I hear from you. Do ask [?] to write & in this paper or that he can put a great deal in one [?], care of Peabody, [?, London.

We have heard of the victory at [?], Ky, but cannot get any details till tomorrow. It encourages us very much & it comes as a good [time] preach at [?] Wells. On Tuesday, [?] we go to Lord & Lady [Rayleigh] in Essex, (she is sister to [?] [Vicari]) went [?] to Bp. of Rochester for two days in the country after that to dine with Lord & Lady [Gainsborough] Sunday 16. I am to preach at night in St Paul’s Cathedral in the great congregation of 4000 under the great dome. The Lord help me, [?] me a quiet spirit & complete occupation of heart & mind with his love & fear. All Americans here are seeking tickets of admission for that service so as to have places where they can hear.

Dear Many, I must now enclose. You must accept such rambling letters as have here to write. Your sisters send their very greatest love to you & [?] & the dear children, as does dearest Manny,

Your own dear Father.

Letter to Du Bois, Maria (Mamy), daughter



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