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letter, McIlvaine, Du Bois, family


House of Bishops.

Oct. 15/68

My dearest Mamy,

I have for several days wanted to write you, & now as much as business will [?] need, undertake it. Tell dear [Emmy] that I received her sweet letter & will write her as soon as I can. Emmy & [?] & their letter [?] arrived on Tuesday week in the [Iowa]. The night before dear little Lisa exhibited scarlet fever. Next day they took her to a [?] there they are still. For a few days, the case looked [?]. It has proved cleanest case. The darling is now without disease, & looking, through this, very much herself. It now only remains to take care lest she takes cold. Hence Emmy will have to stay here perhaps ten days, before she goes home, though [?] probably will go sooner. We have their [?] & those of others who have seen [?] in her new house, of her happiness & of the beauty of her house & what it contains. She writes in great cheerfulness & lovingness. But when Emmy left her, not to be [?], again & she [?] that the last link from home was severed, & she was to be alone in a foreign land her heart yielded, & she gave way as she had not before, & went to bed. But she soon [received] her cheerfulness. Mr. [Misser] is a noble man, not only by my testimony. D. [?] [?] now of [?] Brooklyn, were her first guests after she [?] to keep house, have expressed [?] the greatest delight at what they saw. “She has a noble fellow for a husband” was their account. Bp. Whipple tells me about your boys. He says they are fine students & excellent children. I was so glad to hear it, as I love them dearly. My dearest Mamy as a very important [matter] is before us to which I must attend, I shall have to stop. Love to [?] & [?] dear children.

Your dearest Father.

To Du Bois, Maria (Mamy), daughter



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