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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Newton L. I. N. Y.

July 28 1862

My very dear Bishop,

Your last letter shows that you have been attempting too much work. I pray you let the Cin. Churches take care of themselves. They will never act until they suffer from inaction. Assuredly it is too much to expect you to fill the pulpit in hot weather. Your health belongs to the whole diocese, and it is too precious to us all to be used in Cin.

I would not have troubled you with such a multitude of items, except that as the authority flows again from you it was necessary that you should know all.

If there is any particular, or any line of duty in which I can help you, command me. I came to be your assistant, and I shall stand up to it as long as I can stand at all. So do not hesitate to assign me whatever you please. Nevertheless when you feel able, the Diocese will rejoice to see your face again, & to hear your words.

Another reason for care just now is that our [Group]: [?] are placing great dependence upon your presence & voice at their counsels in October.

As to Miss. [funds].

Cin. & Columbus appropriations were not stopped until the end of the first six months. That set free one half of 350 + 200= 550. ½ = 275. $100 was given to French in order to make his appropriation for the year $200. Which leaves $175.

You have forgotten perhaps that French used to receive $200, but you removed $100 from him & gave it to someone else. He needs $200.

I can arrange the matter with the [?] [?], & will do so. Fairchild will be obliged to be content with $175.

Turner has written me again. He suggests that if we will not ordain him, he should be transferred to his old diocese Kentucky. I am quite willing, because diffident of my own judgement in the matter, at the same time it seems unfair to [?] the responsibility upon Bp. Smith unless he is willing or desires to assume it. If he wishes him to come back, after an explanation, well & good. I will do it for you if you give me authority, & save you trouble.

I have entered into correspondence with Rev L. W. [?] formerly of Mass., now of [?] Conn. as to the Eccles. Hist. Professorship & the Rectorship of Harcourt Parish. He is highly recommended. Dr May said of him when he left [?] “there is a man whom I would recommend for any situation in the Church of any kind.” He has proved himself equal. He was the unanimous choice of St. Paul’s as successor to Dr. Alex [?]. No tidings yet from Goodwin.

After [?],

G. J. Bedell

Bishop McIlvaine

To Charles Petit McIlvaine



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