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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Newton July 22 1862

My dear Bishop,

I forgot to enclose Bishop [?] letter.

Please write to Rev D. R. [Goodwin] DD. South Berwick Me. A letter ffrom you at this moment would have great weight.

Dr. Dyer is anxious that I should converse with Rev Mr [?] as reference to the Theol. hist. Professorship. He was the immediate successor or Dr. [?] St Paul’s Boston. Ill health obliged him to decline a permanent Rectorship. Dr Dyer thinks him just the man for us. I shall see him at any rate (D. V.) next Monday. We have talked over Cinc. Ch. matters.

If [?] & [?] could supply the two churches working together as they would we should have a strong force, and the Churches would have admirable Pastors. Eccleston & [?] are both Christian gentlemen, well educated & refined in tastes & manners. Eccleston is one of the best readers in our church, a with presence & happy delivery. He is a man of good talents & has the happy faculty of making good use of all his [acquirements]. He is an excellent Pastor, & knows how to work a Parish. He would suit either St. [?] or Christ Church.

[?] is not as brilliant, but has perhaps more [alerting] value: and in ten years will have accomplished as much. He is a good sound [?] preacher, and interests. An appreciative audience of intelligent Christians will greatly delight in him & grow under him.

My judgment has always been that [?] is the best man for Christ Church and Eccleston for St. [?]. But either will suit either: and both will be a host. Both are married; both to interesting ladies.

My own [?] would have differed a little, for I should have urged Paddock for Christ Church. I feel that he is the man to give it healthful development, a [?] parish which only needs a true working Pastor to lead them to the stand they ought to take, the third Parish in the U.S.

If such should be the result I would [use] either [?] or Eccleston for Cleveland, whichever was not taken by St. Julius.

Dr. Dyer thinks Dr. Clayton would be glad to come to Cin. I am writing tonight to recommend Rev Mr Wiley of Leroy to Newark. Dr. Tying & Dr Dyer & Dr Cutler all think very highly of him.

After: [?]

G. J. Bedell

Rt. Rev. Dr. McIlvaine

To Charles Petit McIlvaine



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