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Subject: Hodgkinson




letter, Berkley, Bedell, Hodgkinson


St. Louis. MS.

May 20, 1862

Rt. Rev. Dr. Bedell,

Gambier Ohio.

My Dear Bishop:

Your letter of inquiry in reference to Mr. Matthew [?] was received yesterday.

Bishop McIlvaine wrote to me some months ago on the same subject, and I answered his letter, but I have not now, a clear recollection of the matter of my reply. I remember, however, that it was not wholly in Mr. H’s favor. Personally, I know nothing to his disadvantage, but my [Lescton], who had business transactions with him, and knew well of his affairs, was slow to speak approvingly of his conduct. [?], the [writing] up of his business here, the entering with a partnership with any Sexton to do a business in Mr. Joseph, his sudden abandonment of that place without notice, and his passing by Mr. [?], without showing himself to those who had a right to know something of his movements, were all inexplicable and unsatisfactory. There may be a satisfactory explanation, but I think it has never been given.

Remember old associations with great pleasure, and rejoicing at the high position to which you have been called, and which you will with so much credit to your nature, and to the Church,

I am,

All & Truly [?],

Ed. F. Berkley

May 23, 1862.

P.S. [?] writing the alone, I have seen Thomas Harris, my sexton, and he says that he has no wish to interfere with Mr. H’s progress towards [?] Ministry, and it is possible that Mr. H. may be able to explain himself. The most that he knows to H’s disadvantage, is, that he [enters] with partnership with him, and that he proceeded to St. Joseph to open business, that Harris consigned goods to him, to be sold Mr. [?] mutual profit, and that [?] son closed the business, left the place, without our writing to him, or accounting in any way [?] the goods so consigned. He thinks there may be a satisfactory explanations of this movement, and hopes there may be. The answer of [?] closing his business in St. Louis. Methinks was a matter of recently.

I am in very good hope,


E. F. B.

To Bishop Bedell



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