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Wright's case




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Wright


Cinc. Dec. 24/64

My dear Bishop,

I have received several things from you at Chicago. I hope you & [?] Bedell got [?] from there without suffering from cold, & that you will have a good time at [Wheeling].

I concluded yesterday to cut off Wright, not on the ground of his [?] from the Seminary, but in evidence [?] by [right] of his [?] temper, tongue & spirit. [?] was very strong in his testimony [?]. But I left Gambier undecided. Without farther opinion, I should have been pretty much concluded to cut him off. He was the last I conversed with. He acknowledged what I had learned but thought he was earnestly & with success showing against it all & thought he should be continued & would make a good minister & said he had it in his proverb [provided] for his support & would do so. That opinion made me [in] [much] doubt. But yesterday came a letter from Newton giving all up. He had wholly changed his mind from new evidence, & [behooved] it was not safe to make W. a minister. He wrote very strongly. That decided me & I have written tonight that he is no more a candidate & sent my letter open to Newton, to read and discuss. I should have sent it to you had you been in G[ambier].


C. P. M.

To Bishop Bedell



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