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Trip to England




letter, McIlvaine, Chase, England


London March 27, ‘62

My dear Friend,

As Mr. Cyrus Field is just leaving for house I must write a line by [?]. He has been of good service here in many ways. We are all rejoicing at the name of the Pres. about emancipation and the role in the H. of Rep. It strikes the English just in the right places--[anyway] all their reasons for want of sympathy shows that the Government is ready and desirous to do all it can wisely and legally to get rid of slavery--and put to flight the insidious teachings of the Southerns here---as to this anti-slavery feeling of the North.

How grand all the news rec’d here by the [?], especially the [?] of the whole Potomac line--and Court’s [?] in Arkansas. It is all too much to measure--God be praised. I should like to see you now--and shake hands--and give thanks with you wh[ere] the chief thanks belongs. I sympathise much with the Pres. in his affliction.

I shall not return till June. This work has been not a little exciting and exhausting. And I shall stay to see the N[?] E[xhibi]tion in May--and have a little great travel. I wish I had 100 more.

Perhaps as was of these intended to come with me, except H[?], did come and this expense has been saved--that could be spared.

Yours affectionately,

Charles P. McIlvaine

Letter to S.P. Chase



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