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Trip to England; clerkship for his son, Charles; must be Wednesday the 20th because McI planned to leave the 20th or 23rd and there was a Wednesday, November 20, 1861




letter, McIlvaine, Chase, England


Cinc New York, Wednesday

My dear friend,

Four hours behind time in the tra[vel]. I got here last night at ½ past 8, and as the ship sailed at 8 this morning and I had counted on three or four hours for [?] here I could not go-- besides being very much fatigued. So I now expect to sail on Saturday by the Edinburgh for Liverpool (a Propeller). Then I will have the pleasure of calling on Kate and telling her how happy you made me in enabling me to [?] her and announce a clerkship for Charles. It raised a shout in the house. And some day I hope my brother may know and thank you.

It is a pleasure that my going abroad meets the strong app[robation] of all who know me, though I feel that my personal ability for the object desired is much [??]. I will do what I can, with God! help sought and [?] in. The cause of the country is most dear to me. And I rejoice to be even thought able and worthy to serve it in such way. You kind friendship I very much value and any hint or information you may send me I shall greatly value as well.

Please work a favorable influence on Mr. Cameron in relation to the g[un] [?] in the [?]--if what I spoke to him and about which he said he would defer much to you. It seems to me they are indisp[ensa]ble.

Goodbye. The Lord support your heart under all your great burdens. And prepare you for the [?] reserved for those that live [?].

Yours very affectionately,

Charles P. McIlvaine

Letter to S.P. Chase



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