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Visit with confederate prisoners of war




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Civil War, prisoner


Cincinnati, August 7, 1861

My dear Bishop,

I have today received yours of the 3rd. In regard to [Strong], all is clear [?], as you will see by the enclosed from him. The arrangement proposed as to Clements and Dr. May and the general idea of arrangement connected them all. I consent to leaving particulars for the present. If May and Clements consent, I will leave [?] the former to the parish and the College and Dean’s connections can be seen to afterwards.

I will write to [?], also to Strong. I got home last Thursday from Washington. I [stayed] a week there longer than I expected to, but after the Manassas reverse there was a great deal to do, [?] the suffering, and I had opportunities of promoting good thoughts with the [?]. My last act was a visit, by request of Chase and [Seth], to the prisoners of war (70). I made it exclusively [?] to manifest kindness and to have a [?] service with them. They received me with great respect and united thankfully in the services. Every man kneeled when I prayed, and they listened most attentively when I preached. I found Dr. [Greenless] (M.D.) son of the Minister, surgeon to their sick and wounded. He set the time and all sang. Before I left I got Butler [?] by [Seth], to visit them and give them services, as volunteer chaplain. McClelland spoke to me highly of Col. Andrews/ He said he was a very good officer, conscientious in his duties, desirous and able to learn. The meeting of Trustees will be attended to, but to get a meeting will be a difficulty. I think it would be better to hold the meeting at Columbus, as Andrews and Delan are there. The [Military Committee], having three Trustees, [McElroy], Goddard, and Proctor. [?] Bronson, Wellbridge and [Jarris] can get to Columbus more easily than to Gambier. Only [Hurd] and [Blake] remain to where Gambier would be most convenient.

The weather is awfully hot. Think of the death of Bishop [Bouman]. Only a week ago, I was with him in the train from [?] to Pittsburgh and he seemed remarkably well. What a call to be ready. The Lord enable us to take heed.

Yours very affectionately,

Charles P. McIlvaine

As to the obituary of Col. P, I left the day of his funeral and so was I [?] all the time of my absence, that it was next to me.

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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