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More concern for President of College-complains that clergy who are qualified won't come-those who would are not qualified. Suggests that a good layman would do.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Kenyon College


Cinc-Feb. 11, 1863

My dear Bishop,

I find great difficulty in getting a Pres. for Kenyon College - first, to find the right man- then that will accept the place - so few of most clergy or laity go in that line of intellectual work - so few who do are qualified in habit of mind for such a place - or if they be, are in [?] to leave present occupation for it - or East for West. My p[?] knowledge of the clergy of the generation to which one would look, beyond this, is exceedingly limited, especially in N. England. I will be much obliged if you will think for me and let me know of any clergymen whom you can think of who would do well in that office and not improbably would accept. We are not so confined to clergy as [?] to be willing to think of a layman who would do well for the place.

When your Committee on Hymns shall be about to sit, I should be glad to know - as I want to write you some of my thoughts in our present P[salms] and Hymns.

Yours very affectionately,

Charles P. McIlvaine

I was much obliged for your last letter about subscription in our Church. I much [?] me in thinking how best to answer the Archbishop. It is not the first time you have thus helped me.

Letter to Bedell



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