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Primarily concern over resignation of McMurphy at Boardman. Thinks McMurphy should go to Salem-and will back it-will raise the $200 himself to pay him. Trouble is that Boardman will want to tie in with (Hill?) at Youngstown.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Written after the mail of [?] -the other object written this morning

Cinc. Feb 18-1863

Dear Bishop,

I have dropped Blackeller from the list of Candidates at his request. He seems to write [?]ly and thinks he could not now [?]ly apply for order. I hope HIll will not leave Youngstown. Have you advised him about it? The danger of that parish falling into my hands if he leaves it, is very serious. Especially as McMurphy writes me that he must leave Boardman. He says the only man who has continued to stand with him, his son Warden is going away to [?]. He wants to go and live at Salem and serve [?] and [?] and I don’t think we should devise him to stay in such martyrdom any longer. He thinks if he could receive from the [?] 225 or even 200 he could [?]. I believe he now has 150 - I shall tell him to go - and if the [?] can not I will be [?] for enough to make 200. I can not ask him to stay longer. But I fear he will never get what the parish at Boardman [?] him. Now if Hill leaves Youngstown and McMurphy, Boardman, there is additional encouragement for [???] for Boardman would seek to be joined with Youngstown - I can’t imagine what Hill could see in Newark to attract him. I suppose McMurphy wants to [?] at E[aster]. I will write him to keep it quiet for the present.


C. Petit

Letter to Bedell



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