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Complaint that some clergy put off reading pastorals till afternoon service or rainy days so won't have to abridge their own sermons




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, church


Cinc. Feb 25 ‘63

My dear Bishop,

I have just rec’d your and Mr. Bancroft’s letter- and have [?]ly written Bishop P. I am [?] at the prospect - and glad also that Mr. Morrison as well Mr. [?] are soon to be with you. I have rec’d the pamphlet. I found the P[art] was read in [?] Oh. on Ash Wednesday and I suppose it was in [??]. I don’t always find that such things are put off to the rainy days or the afternoon or when the congregation is expected in which the Minister wants an excuse not to waste or have to abridge his own sermon. The idea is that people do not want to hear such things and will be [res]tive under such a substitute for their own minister’s words.

I shall see about [?] as soon as I can get these people to [move]. Last Sunday night when I preached to them was so bad a night that the [?] needed work not th[is] -to notify- of a meeting and I have [ju]st been able to see Mr. Buchanan the [??]. But the idea is very good.

About a meeting of the Trustees either it will be kept for the sad time when I must go to G. to see the open grave of dear Dr. Wing - or be called independently of that- and in this case it is best to wait till we hear something from Mr. P. on which to proceed. I am much obliged to Mr. Bancroft.

Yours affectionately,

Charles P. McIlvaine

Letter to Bedell



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