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Passes on information from Dr. Andrews. Rebel strength in the towns and of depradations of our forces.




letter, McIlvaine, Chase, Civil War


Cincinnati, August 13, 1861

My dear sir,

I received yesterday the enclosed from an Episcopal Clergyman of high standing in Shepherdstown. It is worth your reading. It opens a view of the Manassas battlefield. In regard to the [estimates] of Rebel loss and ours in men and munitions [ban] you will know what to think. The writer is just what he calls himself as to the Union: he is a New Englandman by birth and education. His accounts of depredations by our troops under Patterson are worthy of the attention of General McClelland. The account of our [?] in Patterson’s [?] victory is quite ridiculous. The estimate of the number of [?] taken has come down from 30 to [?]. The [reaping] machines I have our interpretations for, except as we speak of reaping the fruits of a battle. I send the letter because it is a contribution to the knowledge you desire of the state of things in the Rebel populations, and I have written to the writer what I do with it, though he little expected such a use. I do not however imagine he would object. You will readily judge how for it would be wise to let anyone else see it. I shall not have any of it published as the writer suggests.

I see it stated in the National Intelligence and then denied in our papers and again [?] that a certain Col. [Sherman] of Cincinnati has been to Washington and received the sanction of the government for his going to work to [?] equip [?] a Regiment of Artillery, he being the Col. He has [?] his directions in regard to the [?] of companies. This man [Sherman], I do not much know personally but I am told he is a mere pretender, an Englishman, [?] and [?] to be accounted somebody ignorant of the whole matter of artillery. I have [?] seen him and conversed with him on the subject. I fear it is a great mistake to countenance him.

Your very sincere friend

Charles P. McIlvaine

Please return Dr. Andrew’s papers

Letter to S. P. Chase



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