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Irregular attendance at prayer of seminary students




letter, McIlvaine, Bexley, seminary


Cincinnati Feb 25/63

To the faculty of the Theological Seminary


I have been much surprised to learn from one of your body that the Morning and Evening Prayer of the Seminary are very irregularly attended by the students, and that the Form of Prayer which I appointed for these services is not enforced [?] or rather that it is either wholly laid aside and other prayers [exhibit]ed or that it is [mutat]ed and abridged; and all at the will of the student off[iciating]. That form was proposed with much ease to be the permanent form of the Seminary, so long as I have to be its President. If I see fit [?] to change it, or shorten it, very well. But until I do, it is appointed as it is and I should think it just as improper in a student to substitute another book for one of your best books-or to change one of your [?] from one subject to another-as to do with that from what I have ministered above. I wish it understood that all such [?] is strictly prohibited. Until the Form [?] be changed by me-it is the order of the worship on these occasions exclusively, except that, [?] of the reading of the scriptures, may be substituted the singing of a Hymn, at each service, if the Faculty think it wise so to [?].

In regards to the irregular attendance in the Morning and Evening Prayer, I consider it just an obligation and law as that of attendance on any other requirement of the Seminary, and that absence, without good reason, should enter as much, at least, into the [?] of character, as absence from any other duty.

I lay these news before the Faculty, with the report that they will be communicated to the students and that the Faculty will see to their [d]ue and respectful observation.

Yours’ very truly,

Charles P. McIlvaine

President of the [?] Seminary of the [?]

Letter to Bexley faculty



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