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Consecration of Chapel in Paris. Bp. Brownell too ill to attend and may die soon. We do not want Bp. Hopkins, the next presiding Bishop, to attend. Please agree to consecrate the Chapel.






letter, Williams, McIlvaine, church


Rt. Rev. John Williams, Bishop of Connecticut (consecrated 1851) to Bishop C.P. McIlvaine


March 23, 1864

My dear Bishop,

I write you in reference to the consecration of our Chapel in Paris. Bp. Brownell is too ill at this moment to write, or he would, at least, sign this. We all hope you will consent to go out and consecrate it. I am assured that provision will be made for your going.

I am writing long before the time, and I must tell you confidentially the reason. Bp. Brownell is very feeble, and I fear that he may pass away at any time. He may live years, he may be called tomorrow. Now it is all important that the arrangements for the consecration should be made while he lives; else the next President Bishop will almost sure to go out himself and that would be anything but desirable.

Do pray write me that you will go, and I will have the proper document prepared, and signed; or at least in such condition that it can be handed to the next President Bishop, in case God’s Providence should make it necessary.

You will be glad to know that the Bp. is all ((well)) in his weakness and ___________ that one could wish. Please let all this be confidential for he may, I think will, rally and be out again. At any rate, any publicity as to his illness is undesirable just now.

faithfully yr. fr’d and brother,

J. Williams.

Letter to C. P. McIlvaine



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