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Copy of letter April, 1864. Content is same as letter to Bedell, but not as thorough






letter, McIlvaine, Newton


Extract of a letter of McIlvaine’s on relation of Chaplain to Institutions at Gambier Apr. 1864

As every such interest (Sunday school sermon) is subordinate to the interest of the Institution, you must not wonder if I am unwilling to have such a change made for the accommodation of the S.S. much as I value it. The chief feature of your office is that of a Chaplain to the Institution in its several hands. The office substantially existed before any village was formed, + would exist were there none now. The Rector is apptd a nomination of the Bishop or Pres: of the Board of Trustees, + as vested with Episcopal superintendent and authority over the spiritual interest of the College + its preparatory schools (see Const. in Journal of Cour: 1840) ← bracketed?

The services are held in the Chapel of the Institution. Part of his support comes from the Trustees of the [same]. The vestry has no control over the place of worship. Thus the authority of the Institution retain the direction of the Chapel services for its benefit as a privacy claim.

Now, my dear Bp, I am always [?] to ^ our ^ ? with the ? of the viewpoints of your office, except under a [?] of positive duty. Such duty arises in the present instance, not only out of the duty in hand, but also from the difference in regard to it, between you + the Pres. of the College.

Letter to Newton(?)



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