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letter, McIlvaine, bishop


Cinci Feb 9 1861

My dear Bishop,

[?] letter from you. In the first you speak of some opportunal effect under God’s blessing of my preaching at Dayton as if I knew about it -- But I did not -- what is it?

As to the student McElree, I have only a very indistinct recollection that Mr. Blake spoke of him to me about the time of the commencement– as a suitable person for that service. What I said I have no remembrance of - But your [?] is the first I have had that he is irregular - [?] in full connection with & subjective to the course of study. I don’t see why such cases are allowed. He occupies a [?] – as much as any is considered one of my students - he will go away as such and he will be considered a specimen. Has he ever been regularly by the Faculty rescued in that way? Or did he just go and live in Bexley Hall & do as he pleased? One thing must be seen in irregular students - playing fast and loose with the [?] studies must not be allowed, but in very special cases. [?] on by the Faculty - I see no reason why McElree should be an exception - Especially must not his going to Mill Creek be a reason for neglect of study beyond the [?] of that work, if he continues with it. I wish you would look into his case – with and as one of the Faculty – & as Bishop see what he does at Mill Creek and how far it is [?]. I did not like what I saw of him when we talked with him about McCarthy. I have learned – & you will learn if you have not already – that we get precious little good members from Methodists. I wish you would order things there as to these outside operations your own way & don’t let anything I may have said of McElree, as hearing his [?] (I don’t remember any thing) stand in your way.

I think that would do any [?] at Toledo - your account of [McElbridge] & Marks & all at Bellevue is very interesting.

Thanks for the [?]. Love to Dr. [?] and wife, of [?] with you. Take your own way about [?] – I have made the following appointments Sunday before Easter – [?] Columbus – Tuesday before [?] – Good Friday – St. John’s Cleveland – Easter Sunday – St. Paul’s – Sunday after Easter – ? – Don’t publish my list till I get it all made out. You speak of Columbus and Lanesville for [?] week services. I have long had a promise to visit Columbus soon. Suppose you take Lanesville, Newark, and Columbus – the last Easter Sunday.

I do not know what to say of [?] – except to put the question whether Mr. Clement had not better take the agency at any rate and be supplemented at Gambier – while he must be absent? He could do a great deal by correspondence, where [?] has to go personally and by system where [?] is all helter skelter – [?] hurts our cause. I had a letter from Dr. [?] a week ago, saying he has concluded that the concentration of the [?] party must be in Gambier, and there he will send his candidates. He is opposed to Bishop [?]’s project of a [?] school. What if [?] should secede – How can we bear to think of being ecclesiastically separated from Bishop [?]? Good bye.

Yours very truly,

CP McIlvaine

Letter to unknown bishop



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