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wood, difficult to get fuel


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letter, McIlvaine


Jan. 21

Dear sir–

I write you some time since requesting liberty to get some wood from your wood-land adjoining my lot. As I have no answer, I suppose the letter [?], and I therefore repeat in [?]. In the present difficulty of getting fuel, for here we depend entirely on the city for fuel, it is [?] to make expedient which at these times we should [?]. On your woodlot there is lying on the ground fallen wood in partial decay which [?] is not worth gathering by any one who would have to haul it far–[?]–[?] [?] [?]. Again there are dead trees or [?] [?] use which are of no value but for wood. My letter was to know whether you have any objection to my taking the former which is not worthy of a price, or to my cutting some two or three of the latter, for which I would expect to pay the price of such wood in [usual] times.

I will thank you to let me know as soon as possible.

Yours very truly,

C.P. McIlvaine

(It may be that you answered my first letter and directed it to Clifton, which would cause it to go elsewhere, where there is a P.O. under that name.)

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