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About presidency of college; about clergy; men for various places; surprised that Fiske was as abrupt to you - thought him more discreet


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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Kenyon College, clergy


Cinc. July 11 1863

Dear Bishop

I wrote yesterday. Since then I have considered & now think you had better go & see Dr. Goodwin. The thing in general has been so far brought to his thoughts that it must have been now for several days more or less considered. He [?] expects something further. Mr. Powers [?] that he said. He could have wished it had come earlier, as he had brought a [?] But he did not say no - Mr. Powers thinks he would well consider it. No particulars have been placed before him. He has only been [sounded]. Mr. P. evidently thinks his place not a gratifying one to a man of energy & especially one desirous of working in + for the Ch. Now I do not see why, the ground being thus prepared, it would not be well for you to go in my name as well as for yourself, + say in substance that I will nominate him if he [?] that he will in that case, be [?] elected, that I do not wish to call the Board on an [?] uncertainty, as to the acceptance of an election that my nomination after what occurred recently [in] the Bd. would be equivalent to an election, that therefore we hope he will like the [?] into consideration, just as if an election had taken place. It is so much better for you to go & see him than for me only to write, as you can give him all information as to salary, duties, relations &c. the conditions of the College &c.

I hope you will go at once to Phila. & see him & then as Dr. [Vaughan] who otherwise might influence him against it.

Yours affectionately,

C.P. M-

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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