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FAMILY: Emily, wife ill, Dr. Wood, Charley, Ellen, sister, Nain, daughter


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letter, McIlvaine, daughter, family


Clifton Dec, 19.

My dearest Mamy,

I suppose your dear mother told you about what a dreadful time she has had–indeed we have reason for great [thankfulness] for her present state of convalescence. It is a week today since we had the doctor. She [persisted] that as we supposed it was only a [boil], she could treat it. I was to have left home last Friday for [?] and [?] and be gone till Thursday, but I thought I could not go while her back seemed so bad. At last she yielded to have Dr. Wood. When he came he was [much] [alarmed] and disturbed. It was a carbuncle of the most [rapid] [?], and with two days [more] of much growth it would probably have been out of reach. The next day he cut it to the [bottom] [?] with two [?] which she was insensible to by chloroform. The [?] was then checked, and every day it has been getting better, but you cannot imagine such an awful sore. It requires a pretty good nerve to look at it. I never beheld anything to compare to it, and here patiently she [?] the suffering is [wonderful]. She is not yet allowed to sew, and [?] she [come down stairs], but all is going on very well. Dear Charley is with [me], as sweet and [?] as if he had not been to college. Your Aunt Ellen is I fear [in affliction]. We had a letter from [?] the day before yesterday saying that her son [?] ([?] the youngest) was very dangerously ill with scarlet fever. The youngest, [?], had been sick with it and was much better. All of them were unwell except [?].

[?] received your letter with the draft. Love to [?] and the [precious] children.

–Your dear Father

Letter to Maria (Mamy) Du Bois (daughter)



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