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Physical Description

Four documents sewn together at bottom, hanging wax seal :

ab: Will - two large vellum sheets with "The is the Last Will and Testament" at top of a, "And' at top of b, drawn borders around both, brown stains at crease lines

c: Witness Statement - "Appeared Personally" at top

d: Affidavit - "William by Divine Providence" at top; dark blue rectangular seal at top left corner, circular hand stamp "London 5.5.36"

Summary of Contents

ab: Two page last will and testament of James Holbeck, of James' Place, Hammersmith Road, Middlesex. Printed footer reads: (42H)-15918-3000-6-91 Printed for Her Majesty's Stationary Office by WATERLOW BROS. & LAYTON LIMITED, 24, Birchin Lane, London. E.C.

c: Witness statement to the will of James Holbeck, sworn by Thomas William Palin, of James' Place, Hammersmith Road, Middlesex

d: Affidavit of the will of James Holbeck, granting rights of execution to Lewis Holbeck (James's son) and John Mills



Physical Dimensions

a: 22 1/2 x 26" b: 22 x 25 3/4" c: 17 1/2 x 18 3/4" d: 8 x 7 7/8"

Will: April 9, 1822; Witness Statement: May 5, 1836; Affidavit: May 9, 1836



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