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There was a woeful lack of real enthusiasm after Garfield Snow's band departed. In fact, the campaign might well have been opened in the Arctic regions wiith the spectators sitting around in B.V.D.'s as far as real warmth is concerned. County candidates and committeemen, after parading about the streets in the rear of Snow's band, finally reached the court house. There were more in the band than were in line. The band played well, but it left too soon. The purpose of the campaign opening was to line up colored votors for Hughes. This was vigorously and emphatically denied by the speaker of the evening who was probably not aware of the great efforts which were put forth by the local Republican machine Saturday to induce the colored people to attend--efforts which were rewarded in many cases by flat refusals. There were a number of colored people in attendance, possibly 15, but even they were not treated with the courtesy due them on such occasion, as a quartet or more were allowed to remain standing in the rear, although there were scores of vacant seates. The Republican glee club started the program with a parody on "Dixie." This was pitched about five notes too high for even the tenors and, after several measures, had to be started over again. Wilbur D. King was introduced by Chairman Clutter of the Republican executive committee. After his denial of the charge that he was attempting to line up the colored people of Mt. Vernon to vote for Hughes--although no other plausable construction could be placed on his presence here--he told something of the history of the United States, but failed to mention Ralph Tyler, a Columbus colored man, who ran for delegate-at-large to the Republican national convention and who was deliberately snowed under. Several members of the Ayers-Cromley-Hess-Iams gang, together with Rep. county candidates, were present to lead the cheers and fairly outdid themselves. If the Republican opening of Saturday night is any criterion, the campaign in Knox county the next few weeks will be extremely frosty at least as far as the G.O.P. is concerned.


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