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The last will and testament of Bertha C. Payne, late of Mt. Vernon has been filed in probate. By the terms of the will she gives to her son, Kenneth Payne, her piano and all her right, and interest in the homeland property on Ann stret. The same is to be held in trust and Harrison Judy is named as the trustee. The trustee may sell the piano, rent or sell the real estate, the income of which is to be used toward the support of her child, Kenneth Payne. The testatrix states she holds a policy in an insurance company, payable to her son, Kenneth. She directs that this money be invested in the liquidating the balance due upon the purchase of real estate. The testatrix gives to her mother, Elizabeth J. Copeland certain household goods and personal articles. To her sister Lillie M. Gipson she also gives personal effects and household goods. To her husband, Thomas Papne, she gives her rings, also the money from a life insurance policy held in the Court of Calanthe. Elizabeth J. Copeland is named as the executrix of the will, but should she be dead at the time or declines to serve then the testatrix's sister, Lillie M. Gipson, is to act as executrix. the will was signed April 14, 1914 in the presence of Henry C. Devin and Mary Gibson


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