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Organized For Neighborhood Partiotism--Cooperation In Business And Social Affairs--Washington, D.C., March 3—A scheme for the organization of rural communities for both business and social purposes is worked out in an article which is to appear in the forth-coming Yearbook of the Department of Agriculture, and which has already been printed as a pamphlet for the use of the Department’s Office of Markets and Rural Organization. The scheme calls for ten committees, five of which are to deal with business needs, and five with social needs. Every member of the organization is to serve on some one of these committees. In addition, there is to be a central or executive committee composed of the President of the organization, its secretary its Treasurer, and the Chairman of the ten other committees. This central body is to direct the general policy of the organization, raise all funds and control their expenditures. The committees that are to deal with the business interests of the community are as follows: 1. Committee on Farm Production. 2. Committee on Marketing. 3. Committee on Securing Farm Supplies. 4. Committe [sic] (committee) on Farm Finance and Accounting. 5. Committee on Communication aond [sic] (and) Transportation. Similarly, the five committees that attend to the community’s social interests will deal with 1. Education. 2. Sanitation. 3. Recreation. 4. Beautification 5. Household economics.


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