Will Organize A Garden Club


Meeting At Chamber of Commerce Monday Evening--Much Good Expected--Organization Will Prove A Clearing-House For Ideas On Home Gardening--In Line With Cox's Request--In line with the proclamation of Governor James M. Cox, urging that the back-yard and vacant lot garden idea be more fully developed by the people of Ohio, the Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce will undertake to encourage this in all ways possible. A meeting has been called for next Monday evening at 7 o’clock at the Chamber of Commerce headquarters on West High street for the purpose of organizing a “garden club.” It is urged that all people of the city who are interested in home gardening attend this meeting and participate in the organization. Co-operation in obtaining useful information will be the purpose of the slub as well as the providing of a clearing-house where ideas as to better gardening may be exchanged. The civic division of the Chamber of Commerce is back of the movement.