Monthly Meeting Of The W.C.A. Wednesday Afternoon


The W.C.A. met Wednesday at the Home. As this was the time set for the lawn fete, the charman [sic] (chairman) of the entertainment committee reported that rather than have the lawn fete at this time, Mrs. Israel and Mrs. Daugherty each very generously contributed ten dollars to the Home. The donations for the past wer [sic] (were) as follows: Mrs. Merrin--Rhubarb. Mrs E.L. Porter, Danville--Box of fruit. Mrs. J. V. Willemin--Marguerites, Jelly. Miss Vine Israel--Red raspberry jam. Charles Leedy--Bushel of potatoes. Mrs. Popleton--One qt. of cream. A Friend--Pan of baked beans. Mrs. Merrin--Rhubarb. Mrs. Sharp filled the flower urn.