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Joseph H. Hall Exhonorated In Court of Squire Harter Today – Aged Man Given Hearing In Court – Mother of Girl Alleged To Threatened To Shoot The Defendant Justice George S. Harter, this morning, following the hearing given in the action brought in his court alleging the rape of Golda Goins, a 12-year-old colored girl by Joseph S. Hall, aged 78, a Civil War veteran, dismissed the charge. The charge against Hall had been made by Mrs. Rosemary Goins, who accused Hall of having had illegal relations with her adopted daughter, Golda, on or about Sept. 1 last. When first arraigned Hall made a plea of not guilty and demanded a hearing which was set for Wednesday, Dec. 14. It was alleged that the offense had been committed near Riverside park, it being claimed Hall throughout the summer had been accustomed to attempt undue liberties with children visiting Riverside park. The evidence presented to the court against hall proved to be weak and unconvincing. Dr. C. K. Conard testified that an examination made by him had revealed no evidence of an assault of the nature alleged. Furthermore, the testimony of the girl herself describing the alleged affair convinced the court of the impossibility of a crime of the nature alleged having been committed. Prosecuting Attorney Paul M. Ashbaugh conducted the case in his official capacity at the conclusion of the examination advised the court that in his opinion the defendant could not be held under the charge. The defendant was represented by Attorney B. E. Sapp. The case was presented to the court without argument and dismissal was ordered in brief time.


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