Faculty Authors

I am a faculty member at Kenyon College, but my publications aren’t in Digital Kenyon. How do I have them included?

LBIS (Library and Information Services) staff pulls publication information from your Kenyon College profile page. If we missed something, please send the information to: digitalkenyon@kenyon.edu and we will add your publications asap.

Why are some of my articles available in Digital Kenyon, while some are linked to publisher sites that require a login?

LBIS researches the licensing rights associated with your publications. If the publisher allows us to provide full-text access through our repository, we do, if not, we link out to their site.

I have a digital scholarship project I want to include in Digital Kenyon. Where do I start?

If you have datasets, images, video, or audio projects that you are interested in including in Digital Kenyon, send an email to digitalkenyon@kenyon.edu. We will set up a time to meet with you and talk about your project.

What is my SelectedWorks profile?

Your SelectedWorks profile is a page created for you as a service of LBIS. It has some great features, including:

  • automatically emails you a monthly report on the readership of your articles
  • is totally yours - you have complete control of content, and if you leave Kenyon you can still keep it
  • safely stores your papers, presentations, conference posters, etc. all in one place and makes them available to your colleagues
You can find out more about SelectedWorks on the FAQ and Features pages.

If you want to edit your profile, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Click here.
  • Enter your Kenyon email address, and click "Reset password".
  • A link will be emailed to you that will allow you to set your own password, which will allow you to log in and edit your site.

If you would like LBIS to edit your SelectedWorks profile for you, or if you would like materials from your SelectedWorks profile to appear in Digital Kenyon, please email us.