IPHS 300: Artificial Intelligence for the Humanities: Text, Image, and Sound


Quantifying Comedy: Will Artificial Intelligence be featured in the Writer’s Room of the Future?

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Fall 2019


Humor can be found in several places and is an integral part of popular country in our modern world. Humor is important in every form of relationship. There is visual humor, textual humor, and spoken humor in the form of stand-up comedy. Shows like South Park, Family Guy, and Rick and Morty have the ability to use all three forms in their adult animated form. When it comes to quantifying the main aspects of comedy, Artificial Intelligence has had several difficult roadblocks in understanding what makes something funny. Jokes require context, vast knowledge of human nature, and an understanding of sarcasm and general wit. For these reasons, AI systems have had trouble approaching things like humorous TV shows. Often, what makes a joke funny isn’t the words being said, but rather timing, tone, or a callback to something said previously.

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