Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities (DH) is a vibrant field that brings innovative approaches to the Humanities. It is an approach that transcends the boundaries between technology and the Social Sciences, the Humanities and the Arts. Kenyon’s DH has roots in project-based interdisciplinary teaching and research that prioritizes creative work. At Kenyon, students have been engaged in creative DH projects for over a decade; a selection of projects is archived below. You’ll find interdisciplinary design projects from theater set design to architecture and urban planning, costume design to musical composition; even game design!

Kenyon DH projects have included explorations of art in the age of Information, from techno music to digital art. A strong emphasis on humanities as a creative endeavor extends to projects from a documentary on blackness in LA to “Twistories” that explore the intersection of twitter and art. More recent Digital Humanities projects have expanded our understanding of the digital and include web design—from Novelmap and The US in Ten Words—to algorithmic and computational approaches to text, sound, and image. DH at Kenyon never loses sight of the ethical dimensions inherent in the study of humanities. At Kenyon, we always emphasize the human in the digital, the story in the data, and the hand in the digital design.

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