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This document testifies to the determination, dedication, and resilience of the eleven seniors who took CLAS 471: Senior Seminar in Classics during the most challenging crisis many of us are likely to face. It is the attendance sheet for the course. It shows that, in spite of it all, seven of the eleven students had perfect attendance, making it to all 28 class meetings. In the second half of the course, when we met synchronously by Zoom, ten of the eleven students attended every single session; the one outlier missed but a single class.

Regarding the document itself. I have always used orange paper for my attendance sheets. The dates on which the course met run across the x-axis (e.g., 1a = week 1 of the semester, first session of the week); the students' last names run along the y-axis. A squiggle to the left of a student's last name indicates perfect attendance. When we were meeting in Gambier, students initialed the appropriate box to record their presence; when we met remotely, I filled out the form, checking the box when students were present and penciling in a circle when the one student was absent. Other symbols include "X," which represents an unexcused absence; "E" an excused one; "T" means tardy. There are not many Xs, Es, or Ts, and, of course, just one circle.

The eleven students in the course know that I am submitting this document to the archive and have given their permission to do so.


Gambier, Ohio


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