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This is a picture of me taken by me on March 31, 2020. I took this picture the morning after I called 911 for my mom. We both had a difficult week, her fighting Covid-19 and me taking care of her all by myself. I made all her food, went out to get her medicine and groceries, all the while finishing up my last semester at Kenyon. This picture signifies strength and perseverance. My mom and I said our goodbyes the night before as her condition worsened, intending for her to go to the hospital and never come back. We'd heard all the horror stories from the news that said people were dying alone hooked up to a ventilator in an overcrowded hospital hallway. I took the picture to encourage my friends, and myself, that if I could get through the worse part of this virus that they could too. After the worst night of my life, I felt optimistic the morning after because it could only go up from there, it could only get better.


Orange, New Jersey


family, caretaking

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family, caretaking