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Mary Ward asks for information about the people who have supported Chase's cause. She is interested in his current mission in Illinois and is interested in how he thinks it compares to his Ohio school. She hopes to see him in London before he leaves England.




Rev. W. Ward, Illinois, Boyne House, Tunbridge Wells, London, Mary Illinois



Boyne House. Tunbridge Wells

Nov. 5. 1835

Very dear Bishop Chase -

I have waited to acknowledge your most kind & welcome letter till [Sod] [&] [M] should be at home. that I might ask him for a frank & so save you the expense of a letter - I have this morning received your second letter - with one to Papa - which I forward to him today. - I wish I could get some of the English periodicals in which you say your objects are mentioned - perhaps if you are kind enough to send me another few lines you would mention the names of those which have taken up your cause - & the numbers in which it is mentioned. I could then easily procure them. - It seems to me that your present object - is [?] similar to that which brought you to England before - only then it was for Ohio - now it is for Illinois - you are desireous [sic] of establishing a Seminary there for the same object as that which you have established in Ohio. - I cannot help feeling still an interest in Ohio - & I should [very] much like to know - how you consider the College there as you [on] now - whether you can feel that your enemies have not been permitted to defeat your objects there - & that the evil they did was only permitted, to open a larger sphere of usefullness [sic] to you - & that another Diocese might receive similar blessings to those which you were the means of dispens[ing] there. - I shall feel deeply interested in the progress of your present Mission - I thank you for the assurance that I possess your blessing - I hope I can & do value it now more truly than I could when it [first] was given -

Believe me ever Dear Bishop Chase Ever Yours with most sincere affecte. [?]

Mary Illinois

Mary Illinois

Nov. 5. 1835

Boyne House

Tunbridge Wells


If I do not see you before I hope you will still be in London in [Feby]? When I hope we shall be in London or its neighbourhood

Letter to Philander Chase



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