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Dryer wishes that he were in Peoria to meet Chase during his visit there. He is excited about Chase's appointment as Bishop of Illinois, and is working to prepare his papers and documents for publication in a public statement.




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WhiteHall, Washington Co., N.Y.

May 20, 1835

Rt. Rev. & Dear Sir,

I left Peoria on the 17th of April, and arrived here on the 9th of May, by the way of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Your letter to me, announcing your acceptance of the Episcopate of Illinois, arrived at Peoria the day after my departure, and was immediately forwarded. I received it yesterday, and have taken the liberty to send a copy of it to the Rev. Dr. Rudd, for publication in the Gospel Messenger. - I very much regret that I cannot have the pleasure of being in Peoria at the time of your visit to that place. I should rejoice to give you, personally, a hearty welcome to your Diocese of Illinois, the field of your future labors. God grant that you may live to occupy it many years, and to see the Church under your supervision rendered strong and prosperous by the Divine blessing! - I am glad to learn, that our recent measures, in the organization of the Diocese, and the appointment of yourself as our Bishop, are, by the Eastern Episcopalians generally, regarded with approbation - and by some with a high degree of satisfaction, which prompts them to use the languages almost of enthusiasm. Every body was taken by surprise; and almost every body, after a moments reflection, was gratified by the event, for your sake, for the sake of our infant Church in the Prairie state, for the sake of the Church at large. As for the doubting and the hostile, they probably cannot or will not trouble us. - Permit me to express here, the earnest desire, in which others of your friends concur with me, that you will make your appearance at our next General Convention, in Philadelphia, on the third Wednesday in August, and take your seat in the house of Bishops. I pray that nothing may occur to cause fissure in this respect. I regard your presence in Philadelphia at that time, and your prompt assumption of your place among your peers, where you can counsel and aid the Deputies from Illinois, and watch over and advocate the interests of our new Diocese, as a matter of considerable importance. Such a prompt and decided step will bring us at once more conspicuously before the public, and be likely to make a more favorable impression upon the whole Episcopal community in reference to us and our claims. I shall endeavour to meet my beloved & venerable Bishop. - It is my intention to return to Illinois, if practicable, with my family, in Sept. or Oct; but there are very serious obstacles in my way; and whether I shall be able to surmount them, the Lord knoweth. The ordering of his good providence will, in the course of the Summer, decide the question. Should the way be open, I shall gladly go back and prosecute my labors under your fatherly care and guidance; but if not, I must, of course, reestablish myself somewhere at the East, after the rising of the General Convention. --

When I was at your house, you spoke of furnishing me all necessary papers and documents for making a public statement, vindicatory of yourself, in respect to certain passages in the eventful history of your Ohio Episcopate, in case I should be disposed to undertake the task. I now make the position, that if you will entrust the matter to me, and put into my hands the requisite memoranda, journals, letters, references, &c. I will gladly employ my leisure hours in compiling the history of your life, and preparing it, or such portions of it as you may designate, for the press. If there be documents and facts that ought now to be made public, for your own or the Church’s sake, you have only to indicate them, and I will see that they are published in our periodicals, or in such other manner as you may deem expedient. - I am very solicitous that the materials for a full biography of a Prelate whose name will appear so conspicuous in the history of the American Church as that of Bishop Chase, should, without any further delay, be [collected] and arranged for future publication. [?] will [?] me, if directed [?] this place.

Presenting my best regards to Mrs. Chase, I am,

Rt. Rev. & Dear Sir,

With sentiments of the highest respect,

your affectionate [servt]

In the ministry of Christ,

Palmer Dryer.

The Rt. Rev. Philander Chase, D.D.,

Bishop of the Prot. Epis. Church

in the Diocese of Illinois.

P.S. Copies of the journal of our Primary Convention are left with Giles C. Dana, Esq., Post Master at Peoria, who will, on application, furnish you as many as you may want.

Letter to Philander Chase



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