Anne Tyndale



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Fragment of a letter in which Mrs. Tyndale praises the work of a certain bishop (probably Ravenscroft) and agrees with Ward that republicanism is dangerous.




Wilton Crescent, Lord de Grey, Philander Chase, Lord Bexley, Mr. S. Vansittart, Kenyon College


Mrs. Tyndale to the Wards


You must tell me when you leave Wilton Crescent that I may not be sending you 2d post packets, and making my papers costly to you. Might I when you are in the Isle of Mann, sometimes enclose to Lord de Grey? The extract you have sent me from the dear Bishop’s Pamphlet is beautiful, I feel really anxious to know how the present Bishop of Ohio receives it. His work on the evidences of Christianity is so highly spoken of as a truly Christian work, by those who are capable of judging, that I feel his opinion to be of value, & am desirous of seeing him and Bishop Chase upon a truly brotherly footing.

We were both delighted with your observations upon the spirit of Republics. Subordination is scriptur[al] and salutary, and a principle of insubordination seems inherent in republics. After I had made extracts from the letters you entrusted to me, I sent them to Lord Bexley and Mr S Vansittart. They both advised me not to circulate any thing that tended to keep up the remembrance of the unhappy discussion relative to Kenyon College, or of the dissentions within the College itself, considering that the one could only do injury to the Episcopal cause, and the other if it was heard of might provoke recrimination on the other side. I have therefore I think come to the decision to close the Ru[r]al Album, with the sketch

Letter to Bishop W. Ward



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