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Receipt for Communion set from English friends.




Communion set, Communion plate, Gilead, Branch County, Michigan, J. Rosse, S. Dunelm, T. St. Davids, G. Spencer, J.A. Park, T.D. Acland, W. Skinner, G. Gaskin, G.W. Marriott, R. Marriott, J. Marriott, T. Bowdler, H. Hoare, Duff Macfarlane, W. Ward, J. Pratt, J. Prince, C. Crawley, Bishop McIlvaine



Received this 9th of Augt. 1833 at Gilead Branch County Michigan Ty a certain sett [sic] of small plate for the administration of the Holy Communion of the Lord’s Supper to the sick in [private]. Viz.

One Chalice

One - Paten

One Flagon

Each has this inscription

In usum Philander Chase D.D.

Episc: Ohio et suscessorum

[Cana] Domini sacrum


on the Pater are inscribed these names

J. Rosse - S. Dunelm - T. [St.] Davids - Kenyon - G. Spencer - J.A. Park. T.D. Acland. [W.] Skinner G. Gaskin - J.A. Park - R. Marriott. GW Marriott J Marriott . T. Bowdler H Hoare. D. Macfarlane. W. Ward. J Pratt. J. Prince. C. Crawley.

The articles named & [receited] on the opposite side I promise to deliver as soon as may be to the Right Rev. Bishop McIlvaine the now successor of Bishop Chase in the diocese of Ohio

B[?] Wells


R[t]. for plate

Receipt fo the Communion Plate given to me by my Friends in England for the benefit of the sick --

The sd. Plate to be given by B. Wells to Bp. McIlvaine provided he be not so much of a Presbyterian as to deny the propriety of administering the Holy Communion to the sick

Receipt for Communion set from English friends



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