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Fuller provides his wife with an account of the General Convention of the Episcopal Church being held in New York City. The "Ohio business" is yet to be resolved.




General Convention, Episcopal Church, St. John's Church, St. Paul's Church, Mrs. Berrian, Dr. Berrian, Dr. De Lancey, Mr. Ballard, General Sunday School Union, Mr. Haight, Mr. Morgan, Mr. Rider, Bishop White, Bishop Bowen, Bishop Brownell, Dr. Lyell, Dr. Crocker, Mr. Beach, William A. Duer, Mr. Donaldson, Mr. Doane, Mr. Sparrow, Mrs. Nest, Mrs. Crane, Bishop Griswold, Mr. Adams


New York, Oct. 18th 1832

Thurs. eve.

My dear wife,

I am now in the vestry room of St John’s Church, its clock is just striking seven. After finishing my letter to you last night, I went with my father & Mrs [Berrian] & her daughter to St Paul’s Ch. where Dr De Lancey delivered an excellent sermon in behalf of the Gen. Sun. Sc. Union. Mr Ballard read prayers - assisted by Mr Haight. I then went to the post office, & finding it closed could not pay the postage, as you will have perceived it was unpaid. On returning to my lodgings I found that Mr Morgan had also taken a room there, & he bored me till nearly eleven o’clock. This morning I went with my father to see a Mr Rider formerly of R. Ville, who [has] been sick for several weeks, but is recovering. At 10 the convention assembled in St John’s Ch. Morning prayers were read by Dr De Lancey. The Ohio business was referred to a joint committee of both houses, & consists of Bishops White, Bowen, & Brownell, Rev. Drs De Lancey, Lyell, Crocker, Mr Beach of Cheshire Conn, Wm A. Duer, Pres. of Columbia Col. & Mr Donaldson a lawyer of Baltimore. The revised canons were also referred to a committee. Mr Doane it is said will not be consecrated at present, his wife being unwilling that he should leave Boston, & as she is sick, he does not wish to trouble her with the matter till she recovers. I dined at my boarding house, but shall be hereafter at Dr Berrian’s with my father. This is in compliance with the request of Mrs Berrian. We shall have a very pleasant chamber together overlooking the Ch. yard. Should you write to me, as I wish you to, direct to the care of Rev. Dr Berrian. When the Bishops will be consecrated it is impossible to say. I fear not till some time next week. This evening I have been attending a meeting of the Gen. Miss. Soc. Bp. White is to preach a Sermon before the Soc. Bp. Meade before the Directors some time next week. Bp. Meade says that my friend [Dr]esser is about to be married to a [ba.] lady. The Bp. is going to send two of his sons to Kenyon Col. this fall. Mr Sparrow is a member of the Convention. My friend [Peet] is here, as well as a great many other old friends. Mrs [Nest] is in town & Mrs Crane I saw them both this morning. Bp. Griswold has been sick today from eating too freely of grapes, but not seriously. I looked for 203 Pearl St. but saw no Mr Adams about the premises. Mr [Catter] has not seen Elizabeth & did not know that she was in the city till I told him. I do not know how I shall find her out. The Committee on the Ohio business are now in session immediately under me. I hope the consecrations will take place on Sunday, but all is uncertain. I shall have a great deal to tell you when I see you, wh. I hope will be in a few days. You must take the best care of your self & be happy & quiet. The Lord continue to bless & keep you prays your affectionate husband.

Letter to Mrs. Samuel Fuller, Jr.



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