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After travel delayed by bad weather, Chase arrives in Steubenville and solidifies a printing deal for his pamphlet there. He also tries to figure out an issue with the bank, as he is unsure why his checks were protested for nonacceptance and nonpayment.




Mr. Hamilton, Mr. McColonge, Springfield, Steubenville, printing, Cincinnati Bank, Steubenville Bank, Lancaster Bank, Mr. Moody



Tuesday 24th 1832

My Dr Wife

I wrote you from Canton telling that I had determined to come to this place to get my printing done.

on Tuesday night I got as far as a Mr. Hamilton’s, where I staid, and in the morning found the waters of Sandy River so high that I could not cross. To get even on to the bridge the horse was so obliged to swim. Not wishing to venture this experiment I staid two days & set off on Saturday towards Steubenville I rode that day 32 miles to Springfield where I staid and preached the following day (Sunday). Mr McColonge was very kind to me & sent me the next day (yesterday) to this place in a sleigh. I spoke with the printer yesterday and this day have agreed for the paper 30 reams.

The work will appear in the shape of a pamphlet but being accompanied by a news paper to which the sd. pamphlet is affirmed to be an appendix or explanatory accompaniment the extra expense is saved & the whole incurs no more than newspaper postage. So much for the printing business I have now something to say about the money which you gave me to get [?] at the Bank. It seems that the $200 check (2 & 3d unpaid!) on the Bank at Cincinnati was returned to the Steubenville Bank protested for nonacceptance & was also to be protested for non payment thus incurring expense of some 5 or 6 Dollars.

Now what can all this mean? I called to see Mr. Moody the Cashier this day Shewing me the copy of the letter sent to him from the bank at Cini. it seems that the 2d or 3d (I forget which) was paid at the Bank at Lancaster Ohio.

Now the question is have we been so foolish as to send a D[t]. or check to that bank and still retain the same tho in a different duplicate and thro’ [inadvertance] [hup] the [?] du[?] as good & money & sell it [?] [?]ville bank? Or has the other [?] [?]ate been sent to the Hill [?] by the manager there presented for payment to the Lancaster bank. But it was payable to my order! How comes this if it were not endorsed by me? The idea of forgery must not be admitted toll we are sure! I shall see tomorrow when Mr. M. says the Protested Check will come by mail to him. At sight of this I shall pay the acct. 200 Dollars, [crossed out section] and then try to investigate this business.

All well. Your faithful and affectionate Husband

P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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