Philander Chase



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Chase recounts his travel from Gambier to Columbus, including a nostalgic stop in Worthington. He has begun printing his book and has also visited with many friends.




Mr. Douglass, Big Walnut, Worthington, Mr. Preston, Mrs. Backus, Mrs. Neale, Mrs. McDowell, Brigadier General King, Mr. Fay, Chillicothe, Mrs. Broadvill, Cyrus, Judge Bailhache, Dr. Goodall


Columbus 27 Feb


My dear Wife

Mr. Douglass will tell you how we came across B. Walnut the same day in which we set off from Gambier. The roads were excellent though the streams were high, so that we were obliged to come by the way of Worthington. It brought to my remembrance many scenes of a peculiar [interest] when I entered the N West corner room of our, or what was once our home. In that room I was once at death’s door & you nursed me. In that room Mary was born.

After dinner I came to this place & found all well.

They began to print the Book on Saturday and got [on] a little; I borrowed [on] [the] [day] [of] State Paper to print about 3000 copies. In the afternoon Mr. Preston went to Worthington to hold Church on Sunday and I went to see Mrs Backus Mrs Neale & Mrs Mc[D]owell. The two latter very seriously disposed towards Religion.

In the evening Col now Brigadier General King came to see me, and [spent] several hours. He seems quite an altered man.

Today Sunday I have preached twice congregation quite full Baptized Mr Fay’s little youngest son in the afternoon: and gave notice of Confirmation [next] Thursday. I think I shall be in Chillicothe next Sunday & leave my officia[ting] in Worthington till my return. I drank tea with Mrs Broad[vill] and spent the evening with Cyrus.

I should have informed you that I am in debted for excellent lodging to our good Friend Judge Bailha[che] where I am now writing this is one of the buildings erected by Dr Goodall on the same block with his former house. Mrs Bailha[che] is well and has three pretty children. The Judge is occupied all the time with [reputing] for the house.

Do give my best love to Mrs. Russel & Sarah and kiss the children all round for their loving Father

Phir. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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