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Chase apologizes for neglecting part of Dudley's previous letter and is pleased to hear of his English visit. He is still struggling with what to write in defense of himself against Mr. West's slanders. He suggests that the confusion of the matter will be cleared by his account.




Mr. West, Mr. J. Taylor, Mr. Tracy, Mr. Brown, Mr. Taylor


Gambier 12 Feb. 1831

Very Dear Brother

I am not surprised that your last letter to me was short for I had most inexcusably neglected a former one of yours. I have nothing to plead in excuse but my incessant and weighty cares.

I was rejoiced at your English Visit, and immediately wrote a letter to the excellent person who sent me the books now in your possession. (Perhaps this was the reason that I let go that pleasing subject from my mind). I will send for the books as soon as I can which now can not be till the Canals are open.

I am trying to write something to do away the effects of Mr West’s Slanders. By the bye why do not you keep Mr. J. Taylor in better order? The poor man has [?] himself.

Don’t think I speak these words without reason: and you will be of the same mind when the whole plot (“undergame” & all) shall have been disclosed.

If I speak enigmatically you’ll no longer think so when the fabrications of Mr. West signed by Messrs. Taylor Tracy & Brown and by them sent to two Gentlemen in Mt. Vernon Ohio are made known as they will be. I would not be in Mr. T’s condition as having sanctioned by his signatures such a [transaction] for any consideration. If you are at a loss what I mean ask him. Their “confidential agents” are too honest to keep such an undergame from my knowledge -- and refused their appointment & threw all the papers into my lap to let me know what mine enemies were about.

Our means of printing here are few & slow in operation compared with your facilities: and I don’t know that I shall ot be compelled to go elsewhere.

Do write again to your Friend and Br.

Phr. Chase

Letter to Dudley Chase



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