Philander Chase



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Chase updates his wife on his injuries and recovery progress.




injuries, Gambier


Cumberland 3’d Apl. 30

My dear Wife;

The day is very pleasant: and I am decidedly better. I slept better last night can walk better. Yet my arm is still in a sling the flesh is black & blue and the cords are still so sure as to permit me to move my fingers but little and that with pains.

I can not lie down on either side. What I so [?] on my bed is flat on my back. This induces speedily an [?] and I am obliged immediately to rise. I then try my chair of state; and when this tires I walk till I am weary again & then again try the bed. Thus I pass my wearisome nights. In the midst of all this I trust I am thankful and resigned God is holy, just and true. He is merciful also; and will some how or other make all this work together for good.

Do pray for me at the College. That God would enable me to hear this affliction to His glory; and prosper mine endeavours to see your Blessed face once more. Tomorrow week I set off [?] for Gambier.

Your faithful & loving Husband

P. Chase

Letter to Sophia Chase



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