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One page letter from Dudley Chase (Washington) sent to George Chase.




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Washington December 13th 1816

Dear George,

I enclose you the [?] on Engineers because it contains the “Report of the President and Directors of the Literary Fund.” An elaborate, and in my opinion, an unwieldy system. It is [however] worthy of your [?] and will in [some] [?] your opinion of the excellency of our [?] institution for the instruction of youth in the first [?] of learning. To this [purpose] the report recommends the establishment of our One School in every Town [Ship]!! The little town of [Randolph] in [Vermont] (probably not more than ¼ [part] as large as the [?] town in Virginia) contains, [?] [?]eigton by these Primary Schools, all of which have [living up] without any uncommon effort of the people, and without any care of the legis[la]ture or support from a Literacy fund.

There are many other [curious] things in the [?] report, which I have [not] time, now, to observe upon. -- I also send you the Intelligence, which contains a [?] of our University com[?], a will for the state of a University. As I have heard you written this [?], I suppose you will be pleased with seeing what is [?] to it. I have communed with the President on the subject of your former letter, his opinion coincides with mine. I well [wish] you [wrote] more, in regard to this [?].

Yours affectionately,

D. Chase

Letter to George Chase



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