Philander Chase



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Chase is grateful for the money bequeathed to him from Margaret Kenyon, as it will help him pay the mortgage on his Ohio estate. Also included is a verse piece titled "The Three Architects."




Margaret Emma Langham, "The Three Architects, " John Nash


Philadelphia July 2nd.

Very Dear Friend

I had mortgaged my estate in Ohio for a small sum of 2,000 to meet some draft of my own drawings at 60 days on my friends in the Atlantic states.

While in the agony of uncertainty as to whence the money to raise this mortgage could be had I received your letter giving me the intelligence of dear deceased Margaret Emma Laugham’s (late Kenyon) bequest.

Many have been the signal instances of God’s interference in behalf of the dear Ohio cause but this is more opportune of all -- God of the spirits of [new]! I thank thee! Receive I beseech thee the tribute of my grateful heart and bless the instruments of this munificent gift of € “500 sterling” to Kenyon College, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

I have drawn at 10 days sight for €500 Sterling, I am on the eve of leaving but shall soon again return to this City. I will answer our letter as soon as I have a moments leisure, this you see is in great haste but I can always truly say I am yours

P. Chase

Copy of a letter from Bishop Chase to George Wharton Marriott Esq: -

The three Architects

Nash. Here have we three met again

[Joane]. In the City and on the plain,

Like the banished Graces, we

Seek each other’s company.

[Smirke]. Three Dis-Graces here we’ll reign

New improvements to project

Folly’s fabrics to erect.

Building up and pulling down,

Sisters we’ll surprise the town.

All. Let us now astonish the town

Building u and pulling down

Nash. Medley [Mausious] shall be built

Straw-roofed temples, stables gilt;

And for people of lower grades

Cottages with colonnades

[Joane]. Hal-like huts and hut-like halls

Churches that shall shame St. Paul’s

Quadrant, Crescent, Square, and Street

Where each order of art shall meet

[Smirke]. That will be a funny feat

Sisters now begin it here

Marble, Mortar, both are near

Letter to G.W. Marriott



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