Philander Chase



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Damaged letter in which Chase mentions the Lord Bishop of Salisbury's nephew, who is a student at Kenyon College.




Lord Bishop of Salisbury, Mr. Caswell


Philadelphia 10 June 1829

Lord Bexley

The Bishop of Salisbury’s Nephew, Mr. [?], will do me the honour of handing this & [?] your Lordship’s [?] have been for some [?] [us] at Kenyon College enables him to give [?] [?] answers to any question respecting the status [?] of our Institution.

[?] know of Mr. Caswell’s going to England so sud[?] [?] late last evening, and he hastens on so rapidly [?] the dangerous illness of his mother that I [?] [is] in my power to say but few words, and [?] [?] [coherent] manner.

[?] God that my health is good [and] although [?] are great respecting the [?] [?] [?] great undertaking, and altho’ I have [?] with [?] [?]intment almost to heart, sending from a [question] [considering] the immense public benefit in question [?] & reasonable expectation of assistance; yet I feel [?] in the divine mercy towards the perish[?] at the Westward of our Country which [?] me & bears me above despondency.

To be remembered to your Lordship’s sister and to any [?] me by their inquiries will gratify

Your Lordship’s faithful affectionate

And grateful Friend & servt.

Phir. Chase

Lord Bexley

Letter to Lord Bexley



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